'GraBEATational Waves' | DaNCe​-​iN​-​Groove​-​sessionS

by Ricardo Hambra



GraBeatational Waves,
'Beatiful Music for Beatiful People'
The name GraBeatational Waves came as an inspiration, when I read about the Gravitational Waves, recently detected and recorded by a team of scientists.
They won the 2017 Nobel award on physics.
At the beginning of each track starts a gravitational wave sample sound. It's the sound of a two colliding black holes millions of light years away!, a massive event in the universe.


released November 11, 2018

All songs composed by Ricardo Hambra.
Featuring producer FOP - flowofphotons
Background vocals by ShyShyness and Linda Violeta.
Album art by NamelessQuiet for NQdesigns.
Final audio mix and mastering at Dandyland studio by Henrik Jakobsson.


all rights reserved



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UDFM was founded by musician composer producer Rick Hambra.
UDFM combines ancient world music that comes from globally diverse styles. with 21st century trending digital styles like Chillout Techno Ambience Electronica Tech House Trance, with the commitment to achieve good quality original material.
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Track Name: Lets Go Dancing Tonight
Lets go Dancing together, lets go dancing tonight.
sp.: Hey! Vamos a bailar?
Te paso a buscar esta noche y vamos:)
Track Name: Darshan Love
My love for you,
Makes me feel, so alive!
Track Name: Trance Fixed Bongos
You want to keep your love a mystery,
Yuo want to keep your love away from me.
Track Name: En Algún Lugar
No sé qué hacer para verte reír, y olvides el lamento,
El tiempo vuela y todo tiene un final, no tengas miedo.

No sé qué hacer para oírte decir, lo que realmente sientes,
Dejando atrás la trampa del ayer, solo existe el presente,

Los vientos del destino nos guiaran, por este mar incierto,
Y al fin podremos juntos compartir, unidos para siempre!

En Algún Lugar, de mi corazón, Ba ba ba bap.
Track Name: Breaking Down The Mind
OH, oh, oh, Breaking down the mind.
Track Name: Doubt Steps, Restless Lips
Mirrors of Love, Mirrors of Love,
In every atom, there are hundred blazing suns.
All things in the Universe, links on a single chain.
The shake of a flower and the star will shiver in return.
Life and death are one, even as a river and a sea are one.
In the depths of hope and desire, lies our secret
knowledge of the beyond.
Let us bathe our soul in colors, let us swallow the sunset,
oh! let us drink, the rainbow.
Mirrors of Love.
Hey, Anandachitarupa Mayam, Infinite and Consciousness personified, bless us to become mirrors of your love.
The mind is full of waves of love, that permeates the whole body.
Hark the sweet music of love, that swells and sweetens the heart
Before the throne of love, reason falls silent.
Leave behind all words, all speech, and each moment,
each breath is a treasure.
The foundation of the created world os love, All motion and activity throughout the universe is derived from the rays of light,
and true perfection must be found in true love.
Hey Yajnakaya, the accepter of all sacred and sacrificial
offerings, we pray that you accept these expressions of love,
and express your love to us.
Enter the arena, armed with shield or criver,
ascribe nothing to yourself, abandon all with us.
Let time bring what it will, hell or high waters,
Live joyfully delighting in whatever comes your way.
As the rivers flow east and west, merge in the sea
and become one with it, So do all creations loose their\ separateness
when they merge at last, in the pure Being.
Mirrors of Love.
Hey Ekakshara, the single syllable from which every child
of this universe takes the birth of love, we pray to you, oh
Mukhtinaya, the bestower of eternal bliss, to bless us with
your true self, which is Bliss and bliss alone.
Mirrors of Love.
Poem by Prashanti Sai students
Track Name: Somewhere In My Heart
I don’t know how I can make you smile
And forget all your wailing,
Time is flying in a rush but
Don’t be afraid, don’t be afraid!

I don’t know how can I make you say
The things you really feel,
Just leave behind all your past traps
‘cause only the present counts.

The winds of destiny will be our guide
Through this uncertain sea,
And finally we’ll be able to share
Our life forever.

Somewhere in my heart.

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